Personal Artwork

Artist Statement

One of my biggest influences is narrative. Art’s capacity for storytelling is boundless. Narrative is a constant dialogue between imagination and realism, between distortion and clarity. I try to explore this dialogue with my cartoony life drawings, with my comics; always walking the line between starkness and whimsy.

Creativity perpetually lies dormant within each artist, but must be coaxed out by creating art reflective of meaningful experiences. Artists must cultivate strong habits of mind and demonstrate unflappable work ethic. “You are what you repeatedly do,” Socrates remarked. “Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

I try to challenge myself with my art in every piece I create. I believe grit lies at the core of every artist’s quest for mastery of a subject. This means exploring new mediums and subjects, adapting and evolving.

A lot of my strength is in drawing, and I believe drawing creates the foundation for many other art forms. Drawing brings form to the formless, and the artist becomes an illusionist, converting ideas into reality. 

Practicality always occupies my art. As a freelancer for 3 years in Austin, TX, I understand that all art belongs somewhere. Part of the artistic quest is discovering your niche and finding the right place for your art.